Supervisor/trainer Job In Redlands, California

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38999.00 US$
Supervisor/trainer Job In Redlands, California
United States, California, Redlands,
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வேலை வகை: Full time
ஒப்பந்த வகை: Permanent
சம்பள வகை: Per annum
தொழில்: Supervisor/trainer
குறைந்தபட்சம். சம்பளம்: 38999

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DBS is NOW HIRING a Supervisor/Trainer:

City: Redlands

Shifts:1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift

Pay Rate: $20 an hour + Overtime

Call or Text for more info - Sent your resumes to

We take applications Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM. Our address is 1210 Nevada St. #100 Redlands CA 92374 or 10722 Arrow Rte. #610 Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730

Below is a General Job Description for this position:

* Training and development

* RF scanner experience is required

* Directly manage a large staff to ensure daily goals and deadlines are met

* Experience in multi-account management, working for clients with competing demands of labor and expertise is expected.

* Must possess an eye for details in order to ensure accurate, quality work from your staff

* Effective written and verbal skills required

* Ability to motivate staff to generate quality work product under strict deadlines

* Problem-solving using root cause analysis expected

* Integrity is key in all interactions with your staff

* Experience with Manhattan is preferred


Primarily in a warehouse environment. The Company is currently in a state of constant growth which means all members of building management would be expected to complete the work within deadlines. This means extended hours or a weekend day may be required.While the position is part of management, the culture of the Company is such that a roll up your sleeves personality is expected.

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    Dbs Inc
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